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5 Reasons to Move Your Accounting to the Cloud

Just what is "the cloud"? To put it in simple terms, cloud software platforms "live" on the web, meaning that they're the new generation of software that is based entirely online. They take up no space on your computer and can be accessed from any internet-connected terminal. They're also heavily protected against unauthorized access.

It saves an incredible amount of time

It will tell you where you stand financially in an instant – what you own, how much you owe, and what bills you’ve paid. That’s hours of paperwork you will not need to do every week. Your financial information continuously updated and in sync with your bank information, which allows you to make decisions based on the newest information available.

It increases productivity

One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is the ability to be productive from anywhere. Through the cloud, you and your accountant can have access from anyplace at any time. In addition, you will be able to manage your expenses or send your quotes and invoices from your phone. Envision taking a picture of a receipt for lunch and automatically record it in your software while still at lunch. How about sending an invoice from any device as soon as you completed your project leading to you getting paid faster, which in turn, impacts your cash flow.

It helps reduce manual data entry & costly clerical errors

It helps to streamline account processes that can lead to savings and big cost reductions. Your accounting functions like payroll, invoicing and accounts payable & receivable can be integrated seamlessly eliminating double entries.

It’s less expensive and easy to assess from anywhere at any time

Traditional desktop software cost quite a lot to install and only work on one computer. Instead, when using cloud accounting software, you sign up to a subscription service and can access your account from any computer, tablet or mobile device. If you are ready to move your accounting to the cloud, answer our accounting questionnaire and claim your FREE Xero license today.

It’s much more secure than onsite applications

When you're using cloud software, everything is always protected—stored on multiple servers, secured with the newest and most advanced technology to make sure no one can access or delete your storage data. This is a big improvement over traditional PC-based accounting software, which is exposed to countless risks: Everything is usually located on one computer or server, which can crash and leave you with nothing. The constant information transfers through USB drives are also risky. And the backups can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when you have to do them every couple of days.

What are you waiting for? Cloud accounting saves you time and money and gives you real-time information to help you make better business decisions. Claim your FREE license today.

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